Organic and Conventional Specialty Sugars, Sprinkles, and Shapes

Bakery Ingredients

Specialty Large Grade

Our specialty large grade crystals are made from high quality cane sugar, at a GFSI certified and allergen free manufacturing facility. Large grade crystals are larger than regular granulated sugar and will hold up during baking which makes them a perfect accent for all your baked goods (cakes, cookies, donuts, muffins, cupcakes, etc.)  Several sizes available; CON A, CON AA, and Sanding and offered in a variety of beautiful colors. Their light reflection capabilities will give off a sparkly shine and shimmer to any treat!

Available: Organic, Conventional.

Sanding Sugar

Amerikoa Bak9[1]
Amerikoa Bak5 1 687x550[1]

Powdered Sugar

Amerikoa provides the highest quality powdered sugar for all your manufacturing & baking needs.  Available in 6x, 10x or 12x, in either Beet or Cane.  The finely ground sugar in its powdery form creates the perfectly smooth texture needed for icings and glazes or can be used as a decorative dusting to help boost your bakery treats.  We also offer Bakers Special, a super fine granulated sugar for applications requiring a finer texture for easier blending (such as meringues).

Organic, Conventional, GMO Free, ECC
Powdered Sugar
Bakers Special


Brown Sugar

Amerikoa offers brown sugar available in light, medium or dark brown depending on your baking needs. Our processing uses the highest quality molasses giving it that brown color and robust taste, adjusting to your needs.

Available: Organic, Conventional.

Amerikoa Bak6 1000x900[1]
Amerikoa Bak4 1000x800[1]


Sprinkles enhance every pastry, cupcake and ice cream treat. We put extra effort into producing the sweetest, cleanest and most eye-catching sprinkles on the market. Our sprinkles make your food creations deliciously more appealing and enhance the satisfying taste. Available in a brilliant assortment of colors (both natural and synthetic) including rainbow mixtures, which will take your product and sales to the next level!

Available: Natural, Organic, Conventional.

Confetti and Shapes

Confetti is a sugar-based topping made in two sizes, large and small, in either pastel or rainbow color mixtures. Shower your desserts with our colorful confetti for that extra touch or bake them into a cake or mix them into an icing for a traditional Confetti Cake experience!.

Confetti shapes make your holidays more festive with a wide variety of different shapes and colors. Red, white and blue stars to celebrate patriotic holidays or pink and red hearts for Valentine’s Day to name a few. These beautiful additions to your bakery desserts will certainly increase your sales.

Available: Natural, Organic, Conventional.

Amerikoa Bak3 1215x800[1]
Amerikoa Bak1 1000x800[1]


Small crunchy balls of sweetness made with pure cane sugar. Available in a variety of different colors, including rainbow, and a variety of sizes too (beads and pearls). These will give your bakery desserts that extra special wow!.

Available: Natural, Organic, Conventional.

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